hej there!

a quick check-in

It’s core course week! Though I’m off to Sweden in two days (I’ll have a lot more to say about core course week soon!) I just wanted to write a quick check-in. At Vassar, my a cappella group starts rehearsals with check-ins, where we each take a minute to share how our days went or… Continue reading a quick check-in

an ode to netto

When the semester started, my hall-mates and I decided we would have a family dinner together every Wednesday. We missed last week (oops) so we cooked together for the first time tonight. My friend Lundy was our head chef so she planned our menu: tacos. Some of the Danes on my floor are in Poland… Continue reading an ode to netto

ten days in copenhagen

Some moments, I forget that I’m actually here in Denmark. Like last night, for example: my friend Gwen was talking about her love for Bass Pro Shops (I don’t know) and my first instinct was to take out my phone and find the closest one to us. It took Google maps to remind me that… Continue reading ten days in copenhagen